Samsung Galaxy S9 Price and Release Date Australia

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the most awaited phones of this year. Samsung is one of the biggest names in the smartphone market, with sales figures that are enviable even by the other giants in the scene. The company has only been growing since its inception, and today, it is one of the biggest and best in the electronics department. Naturally, every time Samsung announces the release of a product from its stables, there is immediate frenzy among diehard fans of the company. and the frenzy is even higher when it comes to smartphones; fist of all, because smartphones have become an integral part of our existence today, and secondly, because Samsung never disappoints with its new releases.

Release date in Australia

Samsung is being pretty tight lipped about the release date of its new flagship phone. While it is too early o give an exact date- that will probably be released by Samsung only a few days prior to launch- it can be safely assumed that the phone will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2018. March 2018 seems like a possible time frame. Some people are pushing for January 2018, but that does not see possible; for one thing, most potential buyers will already be in the middle of their contract cycles, and Samsung will probably lose out on some valuable sales numbers. Moreover, despite all the buzz, the phone is in pretty early stages of production, so it doesn’t seem likely that everything will be done for the phone to hit the shelves by January 2018. Like many of the other high end products from Samsung, it will be released first in USA, UK, and Australia.

The price

The Samsung galaxy S9 will be the flagship phone from the manufacturer in the first quarter of 2018, so it can be expected that it will be pretty pricey. Moreover, the price is going to be even steeper because the phone is likely to be pretty high end; the Samsung Galaxy S8 was a pretty pricey and high end phone in itself, and its next generation is definitely going to pack in more and better features. However, the good news is that not too many changes are being expected in the new phone, so the price will not be massively higher than the predecessor. All things considered, it is likely that the phone will be something around the 1200 AUD mark, and probably a little more than that at most.

Samsung has said nothing about either the price or the release date of the Galaxy S9 so far, so all we have are some educated guesses from what it has done in the past. It is important to note that the S8 was released in March this year, and since Samsung releases flagship products about a year apart, it is likely that the S9 will be released roughly in end February or on early March. That also makes sense since the Worldwide Developers Conference will take place around that time, and traditionally, Samsung’s phones are launched during this event.

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