Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S9 Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just hit the market, and techies and smartphone aficionados have already started to speculate about the Samsung Galaxy S9. The new flagship product from the South Korean company is being kept quite strictly under wraps, which has probably fueled all the rumors. For some reason, a lot of excitement seems to be centered on the display of the new phone. Here, we have accumulated a list of all the rumors that are circulating around the new Samsung Galaxy S9 display.

galaxy s9 display

Galaxy S9 concept by Tech Configurations.

Samsung is already working on the display

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not scheduled to release till 2019, yet, if rumors are to be believed, Samsung has already started to work on the display of their new flagship smartphone. If that is indeed true, then Samsung has started work on the display at least six months before schedule. Apparently, the hurry has been triggered by the Galaxy Note 7 recall; Samsung is starting work extra early to make sure all bugs are weeded out before S9 hits the shelves.

Hydrophobic glass coating

Back in 2016, Samsung patented the ORNL hydrophobic glass coating to be used on its smartphones. As the name suggests, the coating will allow water to just slide off the screen of the phone. According to recent rumors, the Galaxy S9 will come with this coating on the display, which will make using this phone in the rainy season much more convenient.

The resolution

Samsung’s digital cameras and digital televisions already come with the ultra high definition feature. The Samsung Galaxy S8 already comes with a 3840 pixels × 2160 lines resolution. Samsung aficionados naturally expect a lot more from the 4K technology in the Galaxy S9. Consequently, rumors are circulating that the S9’s screen resolution will be at least 4096 x 2160 lines.

The technology

It is being rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will come in two sizes, just like the S8. If this turns out to be accurate, watching videos and live television will become an experience like never before. The Touchwiz features are also expected to get an upgrade.

galaxy s9 specs

Concept designed by Tech Configurations.

The size

It is being expected that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will come in two sizes, exactly like the S8. Now, it is not very clear whether the display size will be smaller than earlier, or bigger. A smaller display will make the entire phone much smaller, whereas a bigger display will make watching videos and television a much more enjoyable experience. In fact, it is being speculated that the Galaxy s9 will come with 5.2 or over 5.5 screens.

Fingerprint sensors

The Galaxy S8 already comes with a touch sensitive home button. However, it is being expected that the Galaxy S9 will come with a touch sensitive fingerprint scanner. This will make it so much easier to access the phone, without having to go through the at-times-annoying pattern and face recognition.

Let’s face it: Samsung today is one of the biggest brands in the world. As a result, it is almost impossible for it to keep something a secret. Speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S9 are rife. It is being expected that the new flagship product from Samsung will contain features that none of the Samsung products ar equipped with. It remains to seen whether smartphone actually lives up to its reputation.

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