Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge rumors

The Samsung galaxy S8 has only just hit the stores this year, and we are already becoming somewhat restless. To add fuel to the fire of anticipation, rumors have started flying about the Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge, reportedly Samsung’s flagship product in 2018. Nothing official has been stated by Samsung just yet, but we can make some pretty educated guesses about its specifications, price, and release date. Let us jot down all that we have heard- from anonymous sources- and all that we can guess.

galaxy s9 edge

Galaxy S9 Edge release date

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge will probably hit the shelves sometime early in 2018, latest by March. Some rumors suggest that the phone might get a release as early as January 2018, but that is a tad too optimistic, especially keeping in mind that people who are already under contract for the S8 will not be eligible for an upgrade just yet.

Galaxy S9 Edge price

We don’t quite know what the price of the Galaxy S9 Edge will be, of course, but we can certainly assume that it will be expensive, probably pried higher than the Samsung Galaxy 8. That is saying something given that the S8 was one of the most expensive flagship products to hit the market in March 2017. If you are buying it as a two year contract deal, that might not sound like much, but the price will certainly not be lower keeping in mind that upgrades the phone will receive from its predecessor. On a rough estimate, the phone will cost something near the $800 USD mark. Prices in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom- the three biggest buyers of the Samsung S series phones- are likely to be slightly higher after adding taxes and duties.

Fingerprint sensor

Features are not likely to change that much from the Samsung S8, given that the phone was very warmly received by users. It can be hoped, however, that Samsung will fix the glitches of the S8 in it successor. Take the fingerprint sensor, for instance. It was inconveniently at the back of the phone in the S8, which received some backlash. So, it can be hoped that the new phone will have the sensor at the front, under the glass cover. Some sources, however, are not this optimistic. The principal argument is that integrating the sensor under the glass is facing some roadblocks in the development stage.

samsung galaxy s9 edge display

Water and dust proof

We have not yet seen the waterproof screen Samsung has been promising for quite some time. Back in 2016, a screen that repels water was patented by Samsung, but they are yet to incorporate it in any of their flagship phones. Industry insiders have suggested that an upcoming phone from Samsung will finally have this water-resistant screen, so there is a good chance that the S9 Edge will be the one. This sounds even more probable in light of the fact that the S9 Edge will compete against the edgy iPhone 8.

We still have no concrete idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge will be like. There is still some time for the phone to be released, and only then will we know whether Samsung is able to live up to the buzz it has created.

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