Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini

Samsung started making smaller versions of its flagships starting with the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini but the last mini iteration of a Samsung flagship was with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and since then three generations of Samsung flagships have passed with no mini iterations of both the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 ever being released. If you want a small phone with flagship specifications from Samsung then it just isn’t available at the moment.

samsung galaxy s9 mini

It’s not like the iPhone SE situation where the power of the phone was matched to its bigger siblings. This creates an unused space and opening for Samsung to fill a small niche in their smartphone lineup by including a mini variant of their 2018 Flagship, The Samsung Galaxy S9 and that is what Samsung might do this year. There have been multiple rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S9 mini that are surfacing the webs.

The rumors suggest a Samsung Galaxy S9 mini with a display close to 5 inches diagonally that retains the curved edges and almost Bezel less screen design that was started with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Specifications of the smartphone are yet to be leaked but it is expected to pack the same performance as its elder siblings.

If Samsung does make this phone a reality you can expect specs similar to the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9 which is slated to carry the Snapdragon 845 with up to 6 GB ram. The Samsung Galaxy S9 also is rumored to bring with it dual cameras just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but the feasibility of a dual camera setup on a small handset such as the mini is yet to be seen.

This phone is considered by many to compete in the small flagship arena that is dominated by the likes of Apple with the iPhone SE and with rumors of an IPhone SE 2 around and with a possible release date being that it can be launched in the first half of 2018 it is quite possible that Samsung wants to compete in this small pocket friendly phone segment themselves. We hope that Samsung doesn’t skimp out on specs for the smaller variant and follows what Sony does in this segment and offer flagship level specs packaged in a small form factor.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 mini if released would fit well within the current Samsung flagship portfolio. The Current lineup has the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as the all in one most feature packed productivity device, the Galaxy S8 plus offers consumers an option to buy a smartphone with a bigger screen who don’t care about a stylus.

The Galaxy S8 offers most of what the other two devices have in a smaller and slightly more affordable package but there is still a space for a small and very pocket friendly device that is still powerful and more affordable than the rest. A lot of people don’t want larger phones and just wanna stick to smaller phones with great cameras and fluid performance. We shall come to know more about this device in the coming weeks and we’ll keep you posted

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