Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus rumors

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just hit the shelves, and already the market is abuzz with speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Now, we do not really know much about this new phone, but we do know that it is going to be Samsung’s flagship phone in 2018, will release sometime around March or April, and will probably be quite pricey. Apart from this, not much concrete is known, though that has not stopped the rumors from circulating. Here, let us find out what the rumors have to say.

Samsung galaxy s9 plus

The release date

So far, Samsung has not officially notified anything about the possible release date of the Galaxy S9 Plus, but some pretty strong guesses can be made from Samsung’s history. The Galaxy S8 was released in March 2017, which means that the S9 Plus will probably be released in March 2018, approximately a year later. On the other hand, the World Mobile Congress will take place sometime around the end of February in 2018, which also seems like a pretty good time of launching a flagship product.

The display

galaxy s9 display

According to some industry sources- who wish to remain anonymous- Samsung has already started working on the S9 display panel. Besides, rumor has it that Samsung and Qualcomm are joining hands to create the tentatively titled Snapdragon 845, which will be used to power the S9 display panel. However, according to cellphone aficionados, the Snapdragon 845 chipset will probably not be the only one to be used in Galaxy S9 devices; some of the handsets- depending on the region they will be selling in- will be powered by the Exynos chip.

The dual lens camera

galaxy s9 plus dual camera

Like the fingerprint sensor under the screen, Samsung had also admitted to wanting to put in a dual lens camera in the Galaxy S8 Plus, but like the sensor, there was not enough time to do that. Apart from that, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual lens camera, which gives the already formidable competitor a great edge over Samsung. With both these factors put together, it would be fair to hope that the Galaxy S9 Plus will have the much-coveted dual lens camera.

Fingerprint sensor

We don’t know anything about the display of the Galaxy S9, but potential buyers are keeping their fingers crossed- and ready- for the fingerprint sensor inbuilt in the display of the new phone. The reason behind this hope is nothing more than the fact that Samsung had admitted to wanting to put the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S8 display, but could not because they ran out of time. That, coupled with the fact that the company has probably started to work on the display at least 6 months before work usually begins on a phone, adds up to a pretty big chance of the fingerprint sensor being there on the S9 Plus display.

We don’t yet know how big the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is going to be, both in terms of size and stature. Some people are hoping for a smaller screen, while some are rather ambitiously hoping for a foldable one. Mostly, we are hoping for a price tag that doesn’t burn quite as big a hole in the pocket as the S8. But if Samsung does manage to live up to the buzz it has created, it will be quite worth the price.

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