Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors

Samsung is back on the news yet again, with rumors circulating that its much awaited flagship phone, the Galaxy S9, is only weeks away from releasing. The internet has been abuzz with rumors regarding the phone for quite some time now, and, needless to say, the buzz has amped up quite a bit now that its release seems imminent. Although a considerable number of insider tips have been released to the general public, no confirmation about the phone’s release or its features have been forthcoming from Samsung itself. Let us see what we can expect from the phone.

samsung galaxy s9 official

S9 to have Android Oreo?

The latest version of the Android, the Android Oreo, has already been released, and aficionados have naturally made a connection between this event and the supposed Galaxy S9. Some publications, including GalaxyClub based in Netherlands, are claiming that the Oreo is being tested on the Samsung Galaxy s9 and the S9 plus. And this does make sense; the Oreo has been released just in time for the Galaxy S9 to be tested and tried with this Android version, and since Samsung’s flagship phones are always updated with the latest operating software, we can assume that Samsung will have well utilized the time awarded to it and try and incorporate the Oreo in the new S9.

New UI

Apart from this, we have come to know that Samsung is working extra hard on creating a firmware, and some sources have leaked the news that the S9 will come equipped with a new AI-powered under interface called Galaxy AI UX.

Better battery

And that is not all. From what we have seen, it also seems to appear that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with a brand new battery with longer life and greater charging capacity. This is because the batteries will apparently be employing a new technology, empowered with a grapheme ball. With this, we can well expect the battery to be fully charged in approximately 12 minutes.

Snapdragon 845b chipset

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is clearly aiming to try out new territories. Qualcomm’s brand new processor, the Snapdragon 845b SoC, is also slated to be first used in the S9, albeit only in the American and Chinese varieties, while the other versions will run on Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 processor. Both these versions will have special neural engines that will take care of all AI tasks. The Exynos chip, in fact, is an improvement over the previous versions; this one is being touted to be significantly faster and more energy efficient.

Security features

On the downside, the rear mounted fingerprint scanner is still in place, since it will be some time before Samsung will be able to develop the technology required to shift the scanner at a more convenient location. However, it seems likely that the scanner will be more conveniently placed on the back. Extra security features have been packed into the phone in the form of facial and iris recognition scanners.

galaxy s9 display

Although the release date of the phone has not been declared yet, it has been reported that the phone will be unveiled in January 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show, with a possible official launch later in March to keep in line with the traditional unveiling of flagship products. Excitement is increasing, and only time will tell whether the Galaxy S9 is able to give the iPhone X, its principal competitor, a serious run for its money.

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